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[ Part Zombie Box Esp, Gun Cheats. Speed Hacks,...

While the aiming automation is pretty straight forward, the way an aimbot finds targets to shoot is not as simple: Since a part of any online game, namely the game world around you, has to be processed on your gaming device in order to display the game to you, this graphic memory can be scanned for certain objects, even if they are hidden behind walls, which allows the aimbot to acquire targets outside of the field of view and shoot them the frame they become hittable/visible. This will stay possible until games start processing graphics server-side, which would be extremely expensive and would come with lots of lag / latency. In fact the latency issue is a fatal one in this regard as latency is absolutely vital in competitive shooters and the speed of light cannot be surpassed. So aimbots are here to stay.

[ Part Zombie Box esp, Gun cheats. Speed hacks,...

Rick, In the old days salvage yards relied on Hollander manuals that listed all the parts that would interchange and fit on different models. It is fasinating to learn many Ford, GM, AMC and Chrysler parts would interchange with one another. Whole assemblies, even engines and transmissions were used in common among brands. [ie '80s five speed gearboxes and turbo chargers]

Anyway, the '78 Vespa still runs, needs a leaky petcock replaced and the plastic housing for the air cleaner is broken. It is a deluxe model with turn signals and a neat variable speed hub assembly that let's it gear down for hills and go 35mph on the flats. All parts needed to restore it back to the low mileage rig it is are available for about $35. Only one problem, the get up and go required for restoration has got up and gone. So far about all I've managed to accomplish is to let it sit in a nice dry spot for another year!:)

Anyone remember when the latest fad was to weld one bicycle frame on top the other to make a high rider? A buddy did that and swapped some sprockets around. The thing was geared to high to peddle normally so I pulled him with a rope attached to the motorbike. Got up to the top speed of the motorbike [35mph] and he started to peddle and passed me right up. To bad he neglected to think about hooking the brakes up to the lower part!

Fxpwt, I remember reading all those government rules and regulations and noticing at the end it said R134 would be approved as a drop in refridgerant in [was it 2000?] Anyway I changed several over without changing any parts. I understood the R134 would cause the oil to seperate from the refridgerant and settle into the dryer, evaporator etc. The PAG oil added would take over the job of lubrication. What I noticed was nearly no cooling at slow speed, but increased cooling at steady highway speeds.

I bought a '78 Vespa Bravo motorbike the guy said had always been kept under roof and had been sitting for two years. I believe the under roof part but figure the sitting part to be more like 8 or 10 years. I got everything cleaned out and ran it up the road and back. The variable speed hub gives it plenty of power and speed [35mph] and it looks really nice. A petcock leak and a missing air filter put it on the back burner, waiting for a round tuit now for 2 years. :)

Coming up the road yesterday, was participating in a lengthy two-lane parade led by two slower vehicles side-by-side, one of which apparently believed there was no time limit for hogging the passing lane. Going through an overpass, saw one of those little import 4-doors blundering down the onramp, driver's eyes looking forward, apparently preoccupied with something involving the use of her right hand and right ear. She arrived right on time in the merging area, just as the parade was going by. Quite the entertainment segment commenced as she realized there was no room to cut in, and she then braked and swerved on into the emergency lane after the onramp ran out before she could stop. Heheheh - thinking and driving - look down the Interstate before you get on the onramp, to see what's coming - look over your shoulder going down the onramp to gauge a merging opening - adjust speed to match, then execute a non-eventful merge. Guess they're not teaching that anymore - remembering another trooper addressing our driver's ed class, citing that many Interstate accidents could be avoided by being aware of what's going on beside and behind you.

Took off skating down I-55, falling in behind two MoDOT trucks side-by-side, leading a parade approaching speeds of, oh gosh, 25mph. It may have been slow, but it was steady, and the parade was orderly and in-line. After they pulled off to loop around, things got a little more interesting as the parade fell apart and went two-dimensional.

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