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Chef's Wine


5-7 course wine dinner​ prepared by the Chef himself
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Cherries Dessert

Weekly Healthy Meal Prep

Weekly Healthy Meal Prep


Meet The Chef

Terrell Manning is a highly-skilled private chef, and founder of Manning Catering and Healthy Eatz Delivery. Terrell has exhibited his passion and devotion within the industry by investing in the lives of others who look to follow in his footsteps.


Chef Manning is a firm believer that while people may not always celebrate your accolades and accomplishments, they will always respect the hours and hard work it took for you to obtain those accomplishments. Because of his dedication, the Chef’s story of success has been recently featured on multiple business talk radio shows. 

A successful business owner and ambitious culinary artist, Chef has hosted the an annual Wok-n-Roll Sushi Brunch in Tampa, FL. In addition, he will soon be the author of two future best-selling books entitled, Like A Chef and The Love Languages of Food.

Chef Manning’s knowledge of culinary arts has expanded his business brand and has been shared with chefs worldwide. As a culinary entrepreneur, Terrell is committed to teaching future chefs the bigger and powerful vision of the demanding culinary industry to ensure that he provides others with the tools he was not equipped with before starting his career.


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The Love Languages of Food

By Chef Terrell Manning