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Kent Moger
Kent Moger

Ueberschall Liquid Instruments Horn Section: A Wide Range of Musical Styles and Genres Covered by High-Quality and Live-Recorded Performances

the reason for introducing the ueberschall series into the melodyne world may have been to create a free stylophone with the firm's name on it, but as ever, the real challenge was to get the product to behave in such a way that the software's vast processing power was put to the best use.

Ueberschall Liquid Instruments Horn Section VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYB 64 Bit

this is a plug-in that sounds great (and i've certainly enjoyed playing with this model), but it's equally adept at chopping heads and smooth passing tones, providing one of those 'do-it-all' instruments you hear in all the right places. the fact that i can play each instrument live, or record it from within melodyne itself, without having to go back and forth to the plug-in is also a big plus.

in a nutshell, li the voice is a collection of vocals recorded by long-term vocal producer kevin jones that runs the gamut from traditionally ballad-style fare to the sort of eerie feeling you might get from an isolated passage from a shostakovich opera. the vocals are laid out in a series of 11 banks, with each individual bank containing a range of styles: acoustic, dry, electric, alternate guitar, rare, harmonised, other instrumentation and misc. vocals. many of the banks contain'sections' - phrases rather than complete tracks - and you can easily pick and mix them to create a new, or even hybrid, track.

the vsti version has all the same good points as the li dxi, with that os-agnostic interface, extensive bank management and position- and option-relevant automation, and with it you can edit, generate and design your own vocal phrases in exactly the same way that you can with li the voice's sister plug-in, li saxophone.


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